Patient Services

Compounding Solutions

Fountain Park Pharmacy compounding is conducted in a state-of-the-art lab, where our team of qualified, licensed pharmacists and technicians prepare personalized medications using the highest quality ingredients. All our pharmacist and technician compounding experts have undergone extensive training in the art of pharmacy compounding. All compounding work is compliant with USP 795 standards.


Some of the most requested compound services from our extensive range includes:


Pain Management: we personalize compounds to your needs providing targeted pain relief with precise dosages and reduced side effects in a convenient cream or pill format.


Wound Care: we offer custom compounding solutions to patients that are at risk of skin wounds or for those with wounds that may be difficult to heal.


Children, Women & Men’s Health:  we can compound the appropriate medications prescribed by your physician to meet your needs, whether it is due to difficulty swallowing a tablet or capsule, hormonal therapy or personal needs.


Anti-nausea: most anti-nausea medications have several side effects which are undesirable, such as drowsiness and dry mouth. These medications can be compounded into a gel or cream and applied topically which greatly reduces unwanted side effects.

Personalized Care

Our qualified, experienced team of pharmacists work on a one-to-one basis with you to understand your health care needs.

Our range of services offered includes:


  • Retail Prescriptions

  • Compounding

  • Diabetic Supplies

  • Vitamins

  • Patient Education, Counseling and Resources

  • Precise dosage and medication strengths can be tailored to your unique requirements

  • Medication in various forms - topical creams, liquid solutions and much more

  • FREE delivery service, with no extra hidden fees


Contact us to discuss your specific needs.