Our Mission

To provide high quality, effective and efficient customer care, service and treatment in an atmosphere of professionalism, respect, and dignity.



  • Teamwork: We work together as a team with our customers, providers, prescribers to build excellent relationships to achieve great customer satisfaction.

  • Passion: We strive to exhibit a high level of passion for our customers, prescribers, and providers in all we do.

  • Inspiration: The staff at Fountain Park Pharmacy encourages an atmosphere that inspires all to meet their highest potential on a personal and professional level.

  • Diversity: We understand and appreciate the value of diversity in our community. All staff at Fountain Park Pharmacy have unique backgrounds and life experiences that provide a valuable asset to the organization.

  • Accountability for our Actions and Results: We consistently demonstrate accountability for our actions and strive to provide exceptional results to ensure proper care for all.

  • Community: We are compassionate about our communities, we encourage and promote staff participation in providing services and support to positive community activities. 

  • Empowering: We educate the customer and family/caregiver to empower the customer/caregiver to make the best decisions in their individual care, treatment and services.

  • Outcomes: We strive to stay educated and competent in the standards of practice and the guidelines that provide the best customer outcomes.

  • Continuous Improvement: The organization strives to identify opportunities to improve in providing care, treatment or services to customers, providers and prescribers.



Fountain Park Pharmacy strives to become a national leader in integrated pharmacy services by providing high quality, cost effective, and efficient treatment, care and services while achieving and maintaining the best outcomes.